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About me

Javier Gonzalez Cava, known as Inkgolem, is a visual creative who was born in Cordoba (Spain).
Specialized in graphic design and illustration, since his childhood he developed a passion for drawing which led him from different stages to the world of digital illustration.
His work is inspired by games, fantasy authors such as Terry Pratchett, Tolkien, Brandon Sanderson.. producing beautiful illustrations for each new project.
In his work he strives after constant development, experiencing new forms and styles to suit the needs of the current market.


Graphic design & Illustrations.


In recent years Javier has worked with board game publishers such as:
Alley Cat Games,
Deep Print Games,
Maldito Games ,
Lookout Games ,
Dranda Games,
Frosted Games ,
Irongames ,
Mayfair Games,
Red Mojo ,
Atomo Games ,
Ludonova ,
Looping Games,